The Story Behind Soul Colors

As an artist, I’m in love with color and its emotional impact.  

The idea for Soul Colors came in to me a vision back in 2011. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work.

I've explored astrology, numerology, the chakras and about every esoteric system out there.  My favorite color has always been purple so it’s no wonder my Life Path number is 7 as it’s the number of the “seeker.” And associated with, you guessed it, the color purple.

Recently, after a serendipitous psychic reading, I knew what I needed to do to make Soul Colors a reality!

Soul Colors are born when you’re born! Derived from the numbers in your birth date, each number 0-9 matches with a color. In a special formula, I created a way to see the numeric and colorful energies you brought with you into this world! 

On a regular basis we read our horoscope, numerology and the like. Now we can interact with our uniqueness in a whole new visual way!

Each Soul Color chart is handmade with the highest of vibrations. 

I hope you enjoy your Soul Colors as much as I enjoy making them!

~ Kim