Email Your Picture

Email with your picture today and be well on your way to realizing your interior transformation!

We'll make your mockup so you can get on with your new look!


  1. Locate the interior space that needs a fresh, new look.
  2. Make sure the space is well lit. Bring a lamp over temporarily for the shot if necessary. 
  3. Take a digital photo with the angle directly perpendicular to the wall. Slight angles are no problem, but the mockup will be more accurate if the pic is straight on.
  4. Measure an area in the photograph for reference and share that with us too. For example, measure the height of a lamp in the picture or measure the space between the top of a table and a ceiling.  This will ensure the most accurate results.
  5. Email us your best shot and leave the rest to us! 

We will get your mockup done ASAP on a first come first serve basis.

Once you have your customized mockup and see the new look, you can buy your new art with confidence!