Artist Statement

We move through life, thinking, feeling, perceiving, acting, and reacting. These activities carry vibrational patterns that makeup reality as we know it. We are all excitations of the one infinite consciousness, and to live from a place of love and understanding is our purpose. In my work, I contemplate the role of the observer and art's function as a messenger of transpersonal truths. When I begin a painting, I align my energy to the present moment and the immediate experience. As the painting unfolds and begins to take shape, structures naturally arise. A puzzle to solve emerges. And the solution lies in examining and fine-tuning lines, shapes, textures, and colors. When an observer identifies with an artwork, the duality of perceived and perceiver collapses; we are all one subject but with different perspectives and points of view. In this way, instead of art serving as an object, it becomes a conduit, which points to our true oneness.